Extension ReFill-Zero

Navi Retlav Studio, Ltd.

Patches for Zero

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Extension ReFill-Zero


Extension ReFill-Zero

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End of year sale! Offer ends December 31st

Please note that this ReFill requires that you have the Blamsoft Zero Rack Extension installed on your system.

It’s time to celebrate, Zero Day. It’s a special time; when we unleash an uncompromised pack of goodies for one of the best sounding and most feature-rich synthesizers in the Rack Extension world. This pack of astonishing patches (for Zero by Blamsoft), will take you on an exciting journey to the far-off lands of; classic retro style FM poly sounds, modern EDM wobbly basses, cinematic evolving pad textures with sfx swooshes, intense brassy-fire-breathing leads, crunchy hard-hitting drums and far more, beyond your imagination. Thanks to the new functionality in the latest update of this synth;, we had the opportunity to explore a ton of new wide-unison tones, and last but not least, a handful of trance plucks. It’s ready to grab and explore!

Product details

  • 150 Blamsoft Zero Rack Extension instrument patches (25x Bass, 18x Pluck, 22x Mono, 23x Pad, 20x Perc, 25x Poly, 17x SFX)
  • Propellerhead Reason 7+ and Blamsoft Zero Rack Extension required.