DC-9 Overdrive

Blamsoft, Inc.

Emulated Distortion

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DC-9 Overdrive

  • • Great for guitar. Adds crunch to synths or drums!

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Now supports PDC

DC-9 Overdrive is a circuit modeled overdrive effect that emulates a famous bright green stomp box. The algorithms in DC-9 take into account the entire schematic, using the latest modeling techniques. This gives you an authentic analog sound that matches the character of the physical circuit.

Be sure to check out the Distortion Trifecta bundle that includes DC-9.

Product details

Like DC-1 Distortion, DC-9 gets it’s name from the Diode Clipper circuit used to create the distortion. The accurate modeling of this part of the schematic gives DC-9 an edge over common distortion plug-ins. The effect was carefully tuned using A/B comparisons to the original stop box.

On the front you have the identical controls from the stop box with an additional dry/wet mix knob. On the back you can control every knob with CV and adjust the CPU usage with the Quality switch.

Does DC-9 match the circuit? Check out the Stomp Box vs. DC-9 demo track and decide for yourself.

New in version 1.2.0: PDC Support