Forgotten Wave Shaper

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Wave Shaper

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Forgotten Wave Shaper

  • • Asymmetric and symmetric mode
  • • Adjustable curves
  • • Up to 25 individual points


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With the Forgotten Wave Shaper, you have the tools in your hands and the craziest distortion algorithms imaginable at your fingertips. Draw the wave shaping curve exactly as you'd like - whether it should be symmetric or asymmetric. Adjust the amount with the dry/wet control and blast your listeners away with a fat and crunchy guitar or make them listen for subtle saturation.

Product details

  • Easy and intuitive display-based operation
  • Symmetric and asymmetric mode
  • Up to 25 points in asymmetric and 50 points in symmetric mode
  • Adjustable curves for each individual point with a huge range of slope
  • Peak and RMS meters to more quickly set levels and adjust points


Coming on 17th October!


  • Added two automatable parameters, the "slope modifier" and "point translator"
  • Use the "unmodifier" button to move points and slopes while the "point translator" is active
  • Use the "bake" knob to bake the settings into the display