TS-1 Time Slider

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Audio Timing Tool

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TS-1 Time Slider

  • • Easily adjust audio timing
  • • Big fader for precise control
  • • On/Off button for comparing slid/original audio


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TS-1 Time Slider is an audio delay built especially for tweaking the timing of the tracks in your song. Much like Slide in the ReGroove Mixer works for MIDI, you can now slide your audio backwards and forwards in time. This can be used both as a tool for fixing takes that are offset, and as a creative groove effect.

Product details

Using TS-1 is easy: just insert it in the signal chain of the track you want to slide. Tweak the Slide fader and listen to the result. A cosy LED display shows the current Slide in milliseconds, but we encourage you to primarily use your ears. When you have a setting that sounds good, use the On/Off button to compare it to the original signal.

TS-1 Time Slider can shift your audio +/- 100 milliseconds in time. We call this positive and negative Slide:

  • At positive Slide (later), TS-1 works just like a delay.
  • At negative Slide (sooner), TS-1 uses Reason’s Delay Compensation feature to effectively move the audio ahead of the rest of your song.

Since TS-1 uses Delay Compensation, Reason 9.5 or higher is required for full functionality. Also due to this, neither Slide nor On/Off can be automated. They can be Remote-controlled, however.


  • +/- 100 milliseconds of audio slide
  • Big fader for precise control
  • On/Off button for comparing the slid audio to the original
  • Sample rate independent
  • Sub-sample slide possible
  • Remote support
  • You can chain several TS-1's for longer slide times